If we look hard enough, we can find good in almost any circumstance. I don’t have to look far or hard to see the good in my life and my kids are always the first things I think of when counting my blessings.  I love my children and I’m thankful for the gift of their presence and the light they bring into my world. Tonight I was reflecting on my life; the ups and downs, the good, bad, ugly and beautiful times of my life…and I realized my children have been a source of encouragement for me from their earliest days. Below are a couple of long-ago conversations between my children and myself:

1990 – Lindsey is three years old.

Lindsey: (Crawling into my lap after a nap) Mommy, where did you get Lindsey?

Me: God gave you to me, my Sweet Lindsey.

Lindsey: Why did God give you Lindsey?

Me: Because He knew I always wanted a little girl just like you!

Lindsey: And because He knew I always wanted a Mommy just like you! (Big smile, kiss and a hug from my little girl…. To this day, memories of that conversation warm my soul and lifts my spirits).

1992 – Garrett is two and half.

Garrett: (Pulling thumb from his mouth as I kiss him goodnight) Mommy, you fwend my best! (Interpreted: Mommy, you’re my best friend!).

Me: Thank you my little buddy! I’m happy to be your best friend!

Garrett: And no one can be mean to my best fwend. Not even Stink-Stink, Doo-Doo Head dad!

Me: Well now, I feel very safe with you as my best friend!

Garrett: I’m berry, berry stwong you know.

Me: Yes indeed! I do know how very strong you are.

Garrett: I wuv you mommy, fwend my best.

Me: I love you too, my Little Buddy. (That night, I had no way of knowing my little guy was born with a powerful instinct to protect those he loves).

Little ones speak straight from their hearts and touch ours with their words….listen carefully.