Able vs Able. Is it ever going to end? Yesterday I once again found myself in a courtroom, facing Crisco. Once again he was trying to wiggle out of his responsibilites. Once again his mama or his girlfriend paid an attorney $250.00 an hour to fight me. Once again they ‘threw good money after bad”.

A space of fifty feet and a lifetime separated Crisco and me…and as I looked at his haggard face, I realized his life choices were finally catching up with him. While he sat in the witness chair, spewing lies and false accusations, I wondered what I had ever seen in him. How had he fooled me? I wondered how such a snake had fathered my two beautifully amazing children

Watching him toss arrogant smiles to his attorney while my attorney questioned him….Hearing him say, “my girlfriend, she’s a doctor, she  is able to pay for her own home and her own bills”(something he can’t do), I was overcome with empathy  for her…she has no idea what he’s doing to her life…. and I was so very thankful he is no longer an active part of mine.

It was staggering to watch my attorney, John Lovett, riddle Crisco with one sharp question after another. And quite amusing to watch Crisco stumble and trip over his own lies….falling ever deeper into the pit he was digging. Oh, Crisco was quick with his deceptiveness and practically anyone would have believed him in a different setting…but he was no match for Mr. Lovett.

And then there was the judge.  He had Crisco’s number from the beginning and held nothing back.

From the judge:

Mr. Able, I don’t know what lured you to Cheyenne, Wyoming, but I strongly suspect it had nothing to do with employment….

Mr. Able, You’re a kept man. You’ve got a Sugar Mama paying your way…

Mr. Able, I suggest you get a job….

Yes indeed, a lifetime to pay alimony is a long time. That’s why I suggested Mr. Able find a job and this time he should try to figure out a way to keep it…

Mr. Able and his bow-tied attorney hightailed it likkitysplit out of the courthouse so fast no one noticed. By the time Lawyer Bowtie asked  permission to be excused, the gallery of lawyers, courtroom observers, Mr. Lovett and myself were distracted by our laughter, making it difficult to stay focused on anything ‘Laurel and Hardy’ were doing. But I imagine Crisco and company hit Highway 20 toward his lawyers’ Canton office,  licking their wounds with each turn of the wheels during the twenty-seven mile drive.