Last night my son said it this way, he was retelling a conversation he had with someone else, about Fathers, Dads:

“A dad, a real man, doesn’t fight his family. He fights for his family”.

   Garrett made that statement from a personal point of reference. My children experienced pain, anger, heartbreak and sometimes humiliation from their biological male parent. But thankfully, God placed other men, good men, in their lives…men who live exemplary lives and set fine examples of what a good husband and dad should be. Many of these men were friends of Crisco…others were the dads of Lindsey and Garrett’s’ friends…and there has always been my dad, Poppy.

They say a girl marries a man like her father. I did not. My dad loves my mom, treats her with respect, loves his children. He has always worked for his family, without complaining. He took trips with the family, without complaint. He does things for my mom, without complaining. Trimming roses and planting trees may not be his favorite thing to do, but he does it, without complaining, simply because my mother enjoys watching beauty bloom in her yard. He actually helps decorate for Christmas without argument.

   If my children choose to marry one day, I pray my daughter marries a man who will love her the way my dad loves my mom. I pray my son will love his wife the same.

My dad has stepped up to the plate numerous times over the years, trying his best to fix what should have never been broken. He is still fighting for our family, never against us.

I didn’t write this poem, I don’t know the author, but it describes Poppy.

He never looks for praises
He’s never one to boast
He just goes on quietly,
Working For those he loves the most
His dreams are seldom spoken
His  wants are very few
And most of the time his worries Will go unspoken,  too
He’s there…. A firm foundation,
Through all our storms of life.
Happy Father’s Day