I want to encourage you this Friday afternoon….if you’re struggling with the end of your marriage, or the end of a relationship of any kind, remember this: Life gets easier after the drama.

A couple of nights ago, my son and I appeared on an Atlanta TV station, discussing my book, Letters From A Whoremonger’s Wife. On the show, we didn’t focus too much on the hurt and humiliation a family experiences under the thumb of a narcissist. The show’s host guided us toward the healing aspect of forgiveness, and forgiveness is important. We didn’t really talk of the Sunday mornings we were subjected to screaming and cursing on our way to church…or the disgust we felt while we watched the man of our house…the one who spoke to us so angrily..warmly greeting and hugging church members as he handed them a church bulletin. So I want to touch on that here, today. If you’re experiencing similar scenarios in your life…if your spouse, boyfirend, girlfriend, friend…is belittling you, betraying you, bullying you, forcing you to change who you are…I encourage you to move on. A selfish, manipulative person doesn’t change…not for long anyway. Get out, forgive them and don’t waste another precious moment of your life on someone who doesn’t value the person you are.

On the show, I mentioned what I call the Love Blueprint. 1 Corinthinians 13: 4-7.

This is what love is


Better things are ahead for you.

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.”
Louis L’Amour