“This book is a good one for anyone who might be at the Crossroads in an abusive relationship . Thank you for your honesty and candor.”
J. Cauley, Review of Letters From a Whoremonger’s Wife

When I was writing my memoir, my hope was that it would help others who have or will experience similar life situations: Physical Abuse. Mental Abuse. Domestic Violence. Lies. Deception. When I grew tired from climbing into the emotional well of my marital relationship, something I had to do every time I sat down to write, I would think to myself, “If I can just help one other woman or man, this will be worth it.”

I’ve been reassured of my decision to expose the secrets and stop living the masquerade by your support, your words of encouragement and your testimonies…recieved via letters, Facebook messages, phone calls and emails. Recently I received a call from an old friend, and her words made me smile. Below is a quote from Yevette:

“Guuurrrrl! I didn’t know how strong you was till I read The Ho-monger’s Wife! You are a better woman than me cause I would a killed his sorry a$$! I got a friend that is about to marry a ho-monger and I told her you had wrote a book about being a ho-monger’s wife! She read it and now she is puttin’ that fool out! Thank you! I’m so sorry you had to put up with that junk, but I just wanted you to know you done helped at least one other woman!”

And that is why I told my story. “If I can help at least one other woman…”