Little by little, Letters From A Whoremonger’s Wife is making its way into the hands of the public. I have family, friends and readers to thank for it! Some months I sell a couple of books. A few times I’ve sold a couple dozen. But even one book sold feels like success to me. I have no advertising budget, so outside of social media, the voices of my readers is the outlet I rely on. The old saying, “word of mouth is the best advertising” is pretty much true. Especially for empty pockets like mine. For the most part, reviews have been very favorable. Only a couple of folks have told me they wished some of the language had been removed. That was the same sentiment a couple of publishers expressed when I was querying the manuscript. But the bad language is an integral part of my story. Those words littered my life for a long time, so they had to stay. Sometimes truth is ugly. However, I apologize to those who are offended by the language. It would have been nice to have never been called those names. I wish we had never heard the vulgarity directed at us, my children and me. But that’s how it was.

Back to your voice…When you tell another person about a book you’ve read or a song you’ve heard…you are promoting them…helping them. We indie authors and artists greatly appreciate your help! You many not understand the power of your influence on others; so I would like to share a piece of an article I recently read. The material was written by Andy Andrews:

“It was just a simple answer to a question from the press. If not for a few words, spoken with genuine enthusiasm, we might never have heard of the insurance salesman who had written a book in his spare time. The Naval Institute Press published a few thousand copies of that book in 1984 and, as expected, it went nowhere. Then, one day, a reporter asked, “Mr. President, what are you reading?”

Answering with excitement, Ronald Reagan said, “I’m reading a book given to me by a friend and I can’t put it down. It’s called The Hunt for Red October!”

Today, few people remember that Tom Clancy sold insurance, but his book sales have soared well past the 100 million mark.

Billy Graham is one of the most influential men in our nation’s history. Yet, were it not for a two-word telegram sent in 1949, we might never have heard of him.

William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate, sent a telegram to the editor of every newspaper he owned. The message was: Puff Graham. The very next day, papers across America released enthusiastic, admiring articles about this young Christian minister. Curiously, Hearst never directed his newspapers to stop “puffing Graham,” and obediently, they never did.

In his book, Just As I Am, Graham wrote that he never knew when, how, or why such a powerful figure had taken an interest in him. For the record, he stated, “Hearst and I never met, talked by phone, or corresponded in any way as long as he lived.”

Yes, Billy Graham was and is an incredible communicator, but you could probably name other incredible communicators who are less well known. Why? One reason could be that no one became a “promoter” of their work.”

You see that power? We all possess it. You don’t have to be a Ronald Reagan or a William Randolph Hearst to influence others. Each and every one of us can help another with our words. And from my soul, I thank you for purchasing, reading, and using your voice to tell others about my book.