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You’ve heard the stories. Murmurs of the numerous deaths associated with Bill and  Hillary in their quest for power. (Below, I’ll post a True/False link to the most well known of their dead associations.)

One incident, not commonly associated with them, but one I’ve questioned since 1999, is the plane crash which caused the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife and sister-in-law. Like others, I grieved these deaths. In particular, I mourned the loss of JFK,Jr., much like I would grieve the loss of a friend. We were born the same year. I had grown up knowing his name nearly as well as I knew my own. As a child, his pet name, John-John, was spoken with adoration by the adults around me; as if they knew him personally.

The loss of this vibrant man struck a chord of sadness worldwide. I was at the Atlanta airport when I heard the news of his death. Most everyone I encountered that day, black/white/brown/male/female, voiced similar sentiments, “I can’t believe it”. “He was our prince”. “The good Kennedy”. “I’ve always felt like I knew him personally.”

Later that evening, still reeling from the reports, I called my mom, “Did you hear about John Kennedy, Jr? I’m stunned, in shock. And I just read last week he was considering politics. A run for a New York Senate seat”.  As soon as the words left my tongue, another thought formed and spilled forth, “Oh my God. I wonder if Bill and Hillary Clinton are behind this? I think Hillary is aiming for the NY Senate too. She knows she wouldn’t stand a a snowball’s chance if she ran against John Kennedy.”


And that’s the thought that has tugged on the perimeter of my consciousness since that dark summer day in 1999. Am I playing into the conspiracy theories? I don’t think so. I put nothing past the two from Arkansas. I will spare you the length of posting their copious corrupt deeds and activities, yet, I urge you to investigate and read about their conduct.  Read everything, not just the articles on the deaths…educate yourself on all of the corruption they have walked away from… without a slap on the wrist.

John Kennedy, Jr died on July 16, 1999.

Bill and Hillary Clinton moved to New York to establish state residency less than two months later, September 1999.

Hillary was elected to the New York Sate Senate in November 2000.

Coupled with all the other “mysterious deaths”, the accidental death of a beloved American, a life long New Yorker who would most likely have experienced a landslide victory had he chosen to campaign, is very suspicious.

What do you think?

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